Dough Artisan Bakehouse is a family run bakery in the heart of Herne hill.  Carlo and Dave the bakers have over 60 years joint experience in baking. They have mastered the art and their delicious bread is now well known around Herne hill Рtheir multi-seed bread could be known as famous around the area!

They have been baking for many years in Herne hill. Unfortuately, the bakehouse shutdown in 2015 and resurrected in 2018 by Carlo’s daughters¬† Carina and Rachelle, and made into a new modern bakery, and ‘Doughbakehouse’ was born.


We believe everyone deserves the joy of freshly baked bread! So we deliver this every day, along with making people smile through our fresh delicious bread we also aspire to deliver fantastic customer service to each and every customer who walks through our doors. Having a chat with our regular customers puts a smile on our faces daily! Most of whom have been with us since the start!

Creating a cosy and welcoming atmosphere and environment is what we strive to achieve here at Dough. Having fun, serving great coffee and cakes.