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White artisan bread Bloomer tin farmhouse cob

Traditional and tasty. These soft fluffy white loaves are perfect for sandwiches, toasting, or on the side with soup.


Whole wheat bread is made from 100% whole wheat flour. Whole wheat flour consists of the entire wheat berry ground to flour fineness. This flour contains approximately the same relative proportion of nutrients and components as the original wheat kernel.


Our famous Herne hill loaf Containing wheat oats and rye and linseed makes this a neighbourhood favourite. We also use low-gi in the bread-making process to make this a healthier option in our bread selection.

Sourdough white/wholemeal

Sour dough white /wholemeal – sour dough starter , rye base starter add a Bigga , and also a dough from previous mix fermented for 24hr always keep dough from previous to have longer fermentation over 8hr before bake , bake in flat stone based oven, for a lovely crustier outer exterior , soft and distinctive sour taste to our bread. 


Our Authentic Rustic italian bread recipe will have you drooling for more! Here at Dough we provide beautiful experience of true italian flavour. Enjoy this bread in store with our delicious panini’s or by itself! 


100% honey spelt flour ,The loaf is well-flavoured and easy slicing with a slight nuttiness from the spelt flour and a mild honey flavour and sweetness. Spelt bread is also preferred by many because it has a better nutritional breakdown than wheat, with less calories but more protein.


Rye bread is a variety bread that has a distinct flavor and dense texture. It is mainly produced and consumed in Northern and Eastern Europe. Breads made with 100% rye flour are common in Europe while in the U.S., they are a combination of wheat and rye (20%) flours.

Irish soda

Top secret family recipe baked by our irish baker on weekends only! So grab them while they are hot and trust us, they are delicious! 

Olive Artisan Bread

Made by hand using traditional processing techniques; Higher water absorption level, Lean formulations, Pre-ferments, Longer fermentation times compared to commercial pan bread and rolls. The term artisan bread conjures the image of artisan bakers who are masters of their craft, shaping breads by hand and only using the basic bread ingredients: flour, water, yeast, salt, and most importantly time.

Focaccia bread

One of the most irresistible classic Italian recipes. Whereever italians went in the world, this bread went with them. A flat and versatile bread topped with olive oil, herbs and sliced olives. Here at dough you really experience the taste of authentic italian breads.